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Laval's Clinic Montreal's Clinic

Cleaning and checkups


We recommend a dental checkup at the clinic every 6 months. Your hygienist and your dentist will be able to recommend the ideal frequency for you, according to your oral condition and your hygiene habits.

The dental examination is the assessment by your dentist of the general condition of your mouth. This includes an intraoral examination, x-rays and hygiene instructions. Periodic examinations can detect the presence of cavities, tooth fractures, gum disease, signs of teeth grinding, bone loss and oral cancers.
Please note that any changes in your health, medication, or lifestyle may affect your oral health. It is therefore very important to communicate this information with your dental health professionals.


Dental cleaning is performed by the dental hygienist and it includes scaling and polishing. Scaling consists of removing the tartar accumulated on your teeth. This step is necessary for the good health of the gums. Prophylaxis is the polishing of your teeth using a slightly abrasive paste. This removes stains, plaque and irregularities on the surfaces of the teeth.

Remember that your dental hygienist will accompany you throughout this appointment, it’s the perfect time to ask all of your questions!