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Bruxism: Night Guard

Do you have the following symptoms?

If you have jaw and joint pain in the mornings, neck pain, stiffness in the cheeks; your dentist may notice premature wear of the teeth, or the jaw joint; you most likely suffer from bruxism.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is an unconscious movement of clenching or friction of the teeth. This grinding or clenching usually occurs during sleep. Anxiety and stress seem to be a trigger that can cause or amplify bruxism.


The proposed treatment is a night guard, which prevents the upper teeth from touching the lower teeth while sleeping, this prevents damage (wear-abfraction-fracture) that can be caused by clenching or grinding of teeth. 

The night guard is tailored to your mouth. It is made in our office, from your dental impressions. It is, in fact, a transparent plastic tray that covers the upper or the lower teeth. This requires 2 appointments: the first, to take the impressions and the second, for the adjustment of the night guard.

The night guard will allow the muscles of your jaw to relax and thus reduce the pressure exerted. Your joints will be relieved and the teeth and bone that supports them will be protected.